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Frequently Asked Questions

Login Information

Please note that the PUMP login is different from our LeagueApps PSL Login. LeagueApps is what the PSL uses for registration and game management. Here is the login for the PSL!

I'm having trouble logging into my account; how can I fix this?

Please email Ky and she can reset your password for you.

Payment Information

I am a team captain.  Can I divide my team fee up amongst my teammates?

Yes.  During registration, you will have the option to pay in full or divide team fees up amongst your teammates. Captains can request to change the number of players the fee is divided up only ONCE per season. If the newly divided fee per player is less than $5 PSL will not split up the fee and the entire remaining balance must be paid by the captain.  PSL will not give partial refunds to a team of players that add a player to the roster after the fees have been paid.  Please make sure you have your roster finalized before making your request.  It is the team captain's responsibility to ensure that all players pay their portion of team fees prior to the start of league play or activity. Failure for team members to pay will result in the remaining balance being placed back on the captain as per our payment policy.

Do all rostered players have to be PUMP Members?

Yes. All rostered players must be current paid PUMP Members. A PUMP Membership lasts one (1) year. Any player on the roster who has not paid their PUMP Membership fee will be ineligible to play until their membership fee is paid. As PUMP Members, PSL participants now have access to all PUMP member benefits.

What is the membership fee?

All participants in the PSL are required to pay a once a year $15 PUMP Membership fee.  This membership allows each participant access to PSL activities and is good for an entire year regardless of how many PSL sports and leagues you participate in.

Captain's Information

What is expected of me?

By registering a team, you are agreeing to: ensure all teammates are added to the roster and have accepted their waivers before the first game of the season, have the full amount of the team fee paid before the first game and keep your team under control at all times. After your teams first game, all unpaid fees will be assigned back to the captain.  At that point you are responsible for the balance of the team fee.  PSL will not reassign fees to your teammates.  As captain, you are the only person from your team that is permitted to speak with the umpire or referee about a call. All calls made by the umpire are final and we expect there to be no arguments.

For softball and kickball, captains are expected to ensure the lineup is legal for each game. There is information on batting orders located in our rules and there are suggestions for lineup templates located here.

How do I submit a roster?

Once you log into LeagueApps there is a menu on the right side of the screen. Choose the 'Dashboard'  option on the top. Scroll to the bottom and under the league you are listed as Captain of will be a subheading 'Admin Settings'. Under that subheading click the link to 'Add players'. From here you can invite players to your team roster by sending them an invitation. Click the 'send invites' button and follow the prompts to send the invitation. Note: you will need email addresses for your team players.

Someone on my team doesn't have an email address; how do I add them to my roster?

You will have to add a fake email address for them when you add them to your team roster. You will then be required to supply us with a signed paper version of the waiver for that player. Note that this player will not receive league updates and announcements from us so you will have to update them on game changes, scores, etc.

I entered information for a player incorrectly; how can this be fixed?

Please email your league coordinator, either Ky or James, and they will be happy to help fix this issue for you.

When are rosters due?

All rosters must be finalized and no changes are allowed after the 2nd week of play. Failure to do so will leave your team subject to forfeit until a complete roster is submitted.

I have the same team as last season; do I have to enter my team information again?

We are so glad to have you season after season! We have worked with LeagueApps and there is finally a way to copy your players from a previous team you have captained! To copy players from a previous team you have captained, you'll need to log into your account and go to your dashboard. Once on your dashboard, click on 'Manage or add players', then 'Roster', then 'Copy Players'. At this time you will need to choose a team from a previous season; once you have chosen a team, a list of all rostered players will pop up. You can click 'Select All' if everyone is returning, or you can click boxes next to certain players if not everyone is returning. Once you have selected those players who will be joining your team for the upcoming season, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Invite'. At this time a message box will pop up and you can type up a quick invitation for your teammates if you'd like; after you're done with your message, click 'Start' and invitations will be sent to those players you've selected! Players are still expected to sign a waiver for each league they play in, every season they play.

My team needs a name?

Feel free to be as creative or generic as possible when creating a team name. If you don't want to pick a team name feel free to use your PSL shirt color (if applicable) or captain's name. We ask that you please be respectful when deciding on a team name. The PSL will not tolerate racist, sexist, or otherwise demeaning names for teams. We reserve the right to remove a name that is inappropriate. Please see our PSL Policy Page for our full PSL Team Name Policy.

Game Play Information

Do I need to sign a waiver?

All players must sign a waiver prior to playing each season.  The waiver can be accepted on each participating player's dashboard under 'Alerts'.  If you do not sign the waiver, you will not be allowed to compete in any PSL activity. You must sign a waiver for each league that you participate in, each season you play. If you would like a PDF copy of our waiver you can email Ky and she will be happy to provide you with one.

How can I message my own team?

Log into LeagueApps and go to your Dashboard, which is located on the top of menu on right hand side. Click on 'Manage or add players', then click on 'Messages' located to the left of your screen. This will allow you to message your team.

When will my schedule be released?

Schedules are created after your league's registration is complete. We will let you know your schedule as soon as we can, but it may be as late as one week's notice. All teams will be given a mix of game times, evenly distributed throughout the season. The PSL reserves the right to change the schedule as needed for league coordination.

Can I request a time change or bye?

The PSL does not accept requests for byes. Game times can only be changed with approval of all team's affected and is not guaranteed.

The score on the website is incorrect from my team's game. Can this be fixed?

If you feel as if a score is listed incorrectly on our website please email your league coordinator to check into the error. We will investigate and correct any wrongly posted scores. 

Can my team use subs?

During the regular season some of our sports permit the use of subs to help ensure you can field a team. To check out our sub rules, please visit our rules page and click on the sport you are currently participating in. Subs are not permitted in the post-season.

Are there different rules for different locations?

Yes.  Go to the locations page to see what facility rules the PSL must follow for each location.  You will also be able to find specific ground rules for certain fields there as well.

My team made playoffs; what time will I play?

For semi-final matches the first place team will be given the first time-slot, and the second place team will be given the second time slot, as we assume the first place team will want a rest before they play again. The first place team may request the second time slot; however, the request must be given before the playoff schedule is announced to the league. If you email us after the schedule is announced the time will not be changed. Playoff seeds are announced as soon as the last game scores have been reported; if you are the first place seed and wish to make a time request please do so ASAP as schedules can be released as early as 10:00am the morning after your game.

My team won our league, do we get a prize?

Congratulations! All league champions win gift cards to the Hometown Hot Spot of your choice. The card will be for your team to share and the denomination will vary with the roster size of each sport. We hope this allows you to celebrate your accomplishment and enjoy a local bar/restaurant! We will contact all team captains once we receive the scores of your championship game and provide you with instructions on how to receive your prize. Gift cards will be distributed when the last league of that PSL season ends; if your season ends earlier than other leagues you may need to wait to receive your gift card. Team that do not respond to the PSL within a week of the PSL request for information may or may not receive the gift card of their choice. 

General Information

I don't want to receive automatic game notifications from League Apps; can these be turned off?

Yes! After you have logged into LeagueApps, look at the menu on the right hand side of the screen. Choose the 'Account Settings' option. Under email notifications, turn OFF 'send me email reminders for my games'.

How does registration work?

Registration is a first-come first-serve basis. We recommend that you register right at noon for the best chance to get into the league you want. If you do not make it into the league you can sign up for our waiting list and can be added if teams drop out.

I am an individual; when will I know if I have been placed on a team?

If you want to play as an individual you could find out within a few days of registering, or a week into the season. If your schedule changes and you can no longer play let us know and we will remove you from the free agent pool. We do our best to place all individuals but it is not guaranteed. From the free agent pool you can be contacted by interested captains or PSL staff for placement. For a list of current openings and to learn more about individual opportunities you can check out our Individual Connection page.

What is the difference between recreational and competitive leagues?

Recreational leagues are suited for everyone; from novice to experienced players. Competitive leagues are reserved for teams who can compete at a higher level and who have a more advanced understanding of the game being played. While most of our sports are recreational we do offer some leagues with higher level competition. If you aren't sure if you can compete in a higher level you can check with us. This distinction can be found on the registrations page, under the large blue league name. The PSL reserves the right to remove a team from a league when we feel that your team's safety is in jeopardy, or feel that your team may end up harming an opposing player.

What holidays does the PSL observe?

The PSL will not play on New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, Fourth of July weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. The PSL will play on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Marathon Sunday, and any Pittsburgh sports playoff game (Steelers, Pirates, Penguins). Certain facilities will observe other holidays and we will work your game schedule around those dates accordingly (example: YWCA will close on President's Day and MLK Day). If your team cannot make a scheduled game, please see the 'What if my team needs to forfeit' question directly below.

Is alcohol permitted at our game?

City ball field regulations do not allow for alcoholic beverages or glass bottles on the premises at any time. All indoor facilities do not permit outside alcoholic beverages brought into the facility.  Failure to follow any of the facility policies will result in removal from the PSL.

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