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PSL Dek Hockey Rules



  • All participants must agree to the waiver of liability.  
  • The waiver can be accepted on each participant player's dashboard.
  • A waiver must be signed for each league that is participated in.
  • All participants in the league assume the risk of injury.  The PSL, its volunteers, and employees shall not be liable for injury to person, loss or damage to personal property arising from or in any way resulting from participation in the league.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Any behavior that is deemed violent, harassing, and/or inappropriate in any way, as witnessed by the umpire, referee, or PUMP/PSL staff, will result in the actions outlined in our Sportsmanship Policy.
  • A player who is ejected from a game must leave the premises immediately.  Play will not resume until the ejected player has left.
  • Officials reserve the right to end a game at any point if the overall sportsmanship is out of line.
  • Captains are to be the team liaison to discuss any call or rule with an official during game play.
  • Each team must submit a roster with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 players.
  • No player may register for more than 1 team within the same league.
  • Rosters must be submitted and a waiver form must be signed before any player may take the field.
  • Rosters must be finalized and no changes are allowed after the 2nd week of play.
  • No player who is not on your roster and signed a waiver form may play in the league.
  • Only rostered players will be eligible for playoffs.
  • A team consists of 6 players on the dek at a time; 5 runners and a goalie (2 female minimum)
    • A team can consist of all females but not all men
  • A team can start play with 4 players; 3 runners plus the goalie (1 female minimum)
  • A team may pick up a maximum of 1 player from another PSL team in the league to avoid forfeit.
    • If your team has no male subs, you may pick up two male subs. If your team has no female subs, you may pick up one female sub.
    • If rostered players arrive late, they must be immediately inserted into lineup for the substitute players at the next dead ball situation.
    • You cannot pick up substitute players for playoffs.
  • A team may only pick up a goalie if the goalie who listed on the roster isn't present
    • Team captains will need to email Ky at the beginning each season with who their goaltender will be.
  • Game will start at its scheduled time.
  • If a team does not have enough players to start the game by 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, they will forfeit.
  • If enough players to start the game arrive between 10 and 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, the game will be officiated and played as a scrimmage but will still be recorded as a forfeit.
  • Once 15 minutes after the scheduled start time has passed, the game is still recorded as a forfeit and the teams are allowed to use the remaining time to practice or organize a pickup game. Officials are not required to stay and officiate. 
  • Teams forfeiting 2 or more times during the regular season will be ineligible for playoffs.

  • A game consists of three 15-minute periods, running clock, with 90 seconds between periods.
  • Officials may stop play for injuries or extenuating circumstances.



  • Game balls will be provided by the PSL.
  • Participants must wear hockey gloves and shin guards.
  • The Bridgeville RollerPlex requires participants to wear helmets with chin-straps.


  • Games will begin with a face-off at the center dot.
  • Each team is permitted one 1-minute timeout per game.
    • Each team is given an additional 1-minute timeout when there is a two goal, or more, difference with less than two minutes remaining in the third period.
    • A timeout may only be called during a stoppage of play.
  • Teams will switch goals at the end of each period.
  • Teams will receive 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and no points for a loss.
  • The centerline is the blue line for offside purposes.
    • When an offensive team is offsides, all the players from that team must be outside the blue line at the same time, then they may re-enter the zone.
    • Once offsides is called, the faceoff will take place at the highest faceoff dot in the offending team's zone.
  • Icing will be called. Automatic icing is also in effect.
  • If the ball is hit out of play, the opposing team is awarded the ball and a faceoff will occur in the offending team's zone.
  • If two players from opposite teams tie up the ball, a faceoff will occur at the faceoff dot closest to the point of infraction.
  • If a player's stick breaks during the game, he/she must drop it immediately or receive a minor penalty.
    • Goalies are allowed to play with broken sticks.
  • No player may step into the opposing goalie's crease, even if the ball is in the crease.
    • If a player repeatedly steps into the crease after being warned, interference will be called.
    • Players are allowed in the crease of their own team.
    • If a goal is scored while an offensive player is in the crease, the goal will be disallowed
  • Players can use their hand to play the ball anywhere on the rink. 
    • When grasped, the ball must be placed to the ground in one continuous motion without forwarding the players' progress by more than one step.
  • Hand passes are allowed in the defensive zone.
  • Players may advance the ball by hitting it with their sticks or feet.
    • If the ball is kicked towards the net and crosses the goal line, the goal will be disallowed.
  • No player may slide.
  • If the net becomes dislodged, a faceoff will occur at one of the lower faceoff dots.
  • The goalie may come out of the crease and play the ball, but he/she is then subject to all penalties of regular players.
  • The goalie must stay in the defensive zone.
  • A goal is scored when the entire ball has completely crossed the back plane of the goal.
    • The ball may deflect off of a player or a piece of equipment.
      • A ball cannot be kicked, thrown, or deliberately diverted towards or into the goal.
  • Slap shots are allowed, however a player's stick may not go higher than their chest on the follow through of their shooting motion. Any contact made with an opponent that is at or above the shoulders will be considered high sticking and a penalty will be called.
    • Similar to the NHL rule, PSL will institute the above policy with regards to accidental contact to be called at the referees' discretion.


  • Please note that a full list of penalties can be found here.
  • Any player accumulating more than 6 or more penalty minutes in a game will be ejected.
  • Any team accumulating more than 16 or more penalty minutes will automatically forfeit the contest.
  • Teams may not substitute for an ejected player for the remainder of the game
  • No team will be required to play more than two players short at a time.
    • If two players are serving penalties and another is called, it shall begin when the first of the other two expires.
  • Penalties will be called with delays whereby the whistle is held until the offending team gains possession of the ball.
  • If the team on the power play scores a goal before the penalty time has run out, the penalty will expire immediately.
    • If the shorthanded team scores, the penalty must still be served.
  • If two players on the same penalty are serving a penalty and a goal is scored, only the first penalty expires.
    • If a second goal is scored, the second penalty will also expire.
  • If two minor penalties are called against one player and a power play goal is scored before the first penalty expires, the first penalty will expire and the second penalty will begin at the next faceoff.
  • If simultaneous penalties are called on players from opposing teams such that neither team would have an advantage, the players must serve the entire penalty regardless of whether any goals are scored.
  • Goalies are not subject to serve minor penalties.
    • If a goalie is assessed a minor penalty, the team will appoint another player on the dek at the time of the call to serve the penalty.

  • Playoffs are based on win/loss record.
  • The number of teams to qualify for playoffs will vary from season to season based on the number of teams registered.
  • All teams tied in the standings will use the following tiebreakers, in order, to determine seeding
    • Most regular season wins.
    • Head to head.
    • Least goals allowed.
    • Most goals scored.
    • Least points given up vs highest ranked common opponent.
      • If teams play a common opponent an uneven amount of times, the next highest common opponent is used.
      • If teams have same runs/points given up vs common opponent, the next highest common opponent is used.
    • Coin toss.
  • 3-way tiebreakers:  When 3 or more teams are tied; all teams will be ranked on the same criteria as opposed to knocking a team out then returning to the top of the tiebreaker list.  Tiebreakers will be applied until all teams that are tied can be ranked using the same criteria.  If the teams did not play one another in an even amount of games then "head to head" will be skipped.


  • Absolutely no alcohol is permitted on the Bridgeville RollerPlex property.

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